Friday, 30 September 2011

From No where to Some where

When you tell some one that God can make some one who was no body to be a some body, what do they say? I remember I when I was in my home town ( Bukavu DRCongo ). Even my own pastors could not believe in me. My chance to come to Uganda was nocking on my door, then they told me that in Uganda they speak English, going there you'll be westing money and time. But I thank God for the mother I have who told me to not let that put me down. It was not a good moment for me at all. I had to keep that up as my mom told me and as my faith says. So after that I came to Uganda, but I tell you life was not any good for me because of the language. I had to fight with that. Speaking English was a big problem for me. as the bible says in the book of 1Peter 5:7 Give all your worries and cares to God for He cares about you. That is what I had to do.
In the house where we were living, it was a Pastor's house. They took me like a son. They made sure I had peace and freedom in the house. I never met this Pastor before but I met his Wife in my church back in the Congo. The Pastor was so friendly and welcoming to this stranger in his house. He made sure I was happy and comfortable in his house. We lived there with my friend called Matthew, like me I had to learn how to milk a cow there, I did every thing that I never did back home. I enjoyed my time there but the big problem and challenge was to me was English.  Every one at pastor's house was a friend to me. And up to now they are still my friends and a family to me. I never lost my hope and my trust in my God who was watching over me.

After some time, I had to leave Pastor's house and be on my own. In this town of Jinja, I had no Uncle, Aunt, or mother, I was on my own with my God. After a period of tough time and hard moments, I went to a Bible school where I met so many people who were so encouraging to me when it come to language. Still it was very tough. Being in a classroom but you are not understanding any thing. I was just there. One of my teachers told me to not be discourage in any thing. So She told me to read my Bible all the time and news papers to help me improve my English. So I had to do that as She told me. By the grace of God my English improved and now I can speak to any one in English. That is how our God can work. He gave me the smile that I had missed on my face for a very long time. I lived in that tough situation but my God never left me alone. Philippians 4:12 I know how to be humbled, and I know also how to abound. In everything and in all things I have learned the secret both to be filled and to be hungry, both to abound and to be in need. 

After some good years of living alone, my Mom came to Uganda and we talked about our family, the challenges and hard times that they were going through. I use to visit them and when I look at my sisters, I just feel like crying and there was a big problem in our country, WAR, it's not a good thing at all. Now after some time they called me and told me that so many young ladies were rapt, that was a shocking news to me, I had to think on my sisters and how to bring them to this peaceful country, Uganda. It was another tough moment for me. It was hard but again God made another way for them to be here with me. When my young sisters were here with me, the next person was my only young brother, Benjamin, now this boy could count on me in every thing for living. Again God made another way and his school fees was paid for the whole year and the next year at the University. God was so good to us and the only thing was for us to praise Him and to serve Him at 100%. 

In the year 2006, I stated doing child evangelism with Welcome Home ministries Africa, there I met so many people and I grown up allot in many ways. In 2007 I met a girl called Katie Davis who is my Director now at Amazima Ministries and She told me about her vision and plans for this nation and mostly in the village called buziika. To me it was a good idea, by then I had stop working with Welcome Home but our relationship was good. I left there with a blessing, from the director, manager, and my fellow workers. I stated working with Katie and every thing was really good and peaceful. God blessed us and Amazima started to grow in a way that no devil could stop it, we got new people and more kids were coming in the program. I Shared all this with my family and my Dear friend Called Michelle, who was so encouraging and supportive to me in all ways. I really thank God for her. 

At amazima things are moving on well and I'm happy I'm one of the few people Katie trusted and She started with. One of the things I like about that place is the relationship that I have build with so so many kids and youths there. They all call me Uncle but I tell them to call me their friend. Mostly the youths because when I'm their friend, they will tell me more about their lives and I can be able to help them. But when it is Uncle business, they will fear and not be open to me. If I'm to leave Amazima today, it will be a painful time for me because of the relationship I now have with the. I had a youth conference at our church and I had to go with them, when they were there we had allot of time to talk and I came to know most of them through that. We were together for one week and it was from morning to evening. That was a special time for me. Actually I was so happy and grateful to the Director of Amazima Katie Davis with the whole team that allowed me and trusted me to go with them. It was a good time for them and for me.

I'm still at Amazima and I hope I'll be there mostly to keep my relationship with the kids and the youths grow. By the grace of God I'm doing fine and still have so many things to share with you guys out there. Just keep reading my blog.
I now live in Uganda with half of my family, my four sisters and Benjamin my little brother, we also have another boy with us here who is from Congo too but he had no where to live here in Uganda so I asked him to come live with us. He is a talented boy, he can sing, dance, play guitar and drums. He is also a blessing to us, as a family and to my church.

The Lord is good and He will never leave you alone no matter what you are going through.
Bless you all.
By Raoul Mugosa Biringanine.

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